F2 - Fun and Frustration

India Circuit Collections in Crores

Circuit 1st Day 1st Week Final
Nizam Rs:1.45 Cr Rs:10.30 Cr Rs:20.75 Cr
Ceded Rs:0.45 Cr Rs:4.55 Cr Rs:8.60 Cr
Vizag Rs:0.55 Cr Rs:4.70 Cr Rs:10.35 Cr
Guntur Rs:0.39 Cr Rs:3.14 Cr Rs:5.60 Cr
East Godavari Rs:0.63 Cr Rs:4.26 Cr Rs:7.20 Cr
Krishna Rs:0.40 Cr Rs:3.13 Cr Rs:5.20 Cr
West Godavari Rs:0.57 Cr Rs:2.36 Cr Rs:4.30 Cr
Nellore Rs:0.17 Cr Rs:1.14 Cr Rs:2.02 Cr
AP & Telangana Rs:4.61 Cr Rs:33.58 Cr Rs:64.02 Cr
AllIndia Box Office Rs:35.88 Cr Rs:69.47 Cr
Rest of India Rs:2.30 Cr Rs:5.45 Cr
Rest of World Rs:4.90 Cr Rs:9.25 Cr
World Wide Box office Rs:40.78 Cr Rs:78.72 Cr
Verdict: Block Buster