Rangula Ratnam Review

By iDreamPost.com Jan. 14, 2018, 02:13 pm IST
Rangula Ratnam Review

The last release of the Sankranthi season is Raj Tharun’s Rangula Raatnam which has hit the screens all over today. Let’s see how the film turns out to be


Vishnu(Raj Tharun) is a software engineer who shares a very close relationship with his mother(Sithara). As time passes by, Vishnu falls in love with Keerthi(Chitra Shukla). When everything seems to be going fine, a sudden twist in the tale changes Vishnu’s life upside down. What is that sudden twist? How will Vishnu deal with all his problems? and what happens to his love story at the end?. To know the answer to these questions, you need to watch the film on the big screen.

Plus Points:-

One of the basic plus points of the film is the mother sentiment. The scenes between Raj Tharun and his mother have been showcased well during the first half. Raj Tharun has matured a lot with his acting and does his role wholeheartedly. His performance during the emotional scenes is pretty good.

Priyadarshi’s comedy evokes decent laughs throughout the film. Chitra Shukla’s performance in the first half is decent. The climax of the film is good. Raj Tharun reading his mother’s messages and getting clarity about his love, such scenes have been showcased in an interesting manner.

Minus Points:-

The biggest drawback of the film is that it is painfully slow. Even after the first half is finished, the actual problem in the story is not disclosed. There is absolutely no chemistry between the lead pair which makes things disappointing most of the time.

The way the love story unfolds during the first half is also not that convincing. Some good romance should have been added to make things interesting for the audience.

Even though the basic twist in the plot is revealed well during the climax, the scenes leading to this twist and heroine’s over caring behavior towards the hero tests your patience.

Technical Aspects:-

Production values for the film are pretty good. The middle class set up has been showcased well through some very good camerawork. Dialogues are pretty decent and so was the music. The background score was also pretty good as many sentimental scenes have been elevated well. The production design was decent. Editing was bad as a few scenes relating the lead pair during the second half should have been edited out to make things better.

Coming to the director Sri Ranjani, she has done just an okay job in her debut. She narrates the film on a very slow note and takes forever to enter the actual storyline. Had she added some good chemistry between the lead pair, the twist that she chose would have looked even better on the screen.


On the whole, Rangula Raatnam is a mediocre romantic drama which has some good moments here and there. Even though the basic conflict point is good, the narration is slow paced and the scenes relating to the basic twist give you a mixed feeling. The mother sentiment will be liked by the family audience but the rest of the film has nothing much interesting going its way. If you are okay watching films with slow narration, give this film a shot but be prepared for the predictable proceedings.

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