YSRCP’s strategy in Parliament worked out well

By Gopal.T Jul. 21, 2021, 09:36 pm IST
YSRCP’s strategy in Parliament worked out well

The ruling YSR Congress Party’s strategy in the monsoon session of the Parliament did help the party to silence its critics.

The party took the key issues of Special Category Status (SCS) and funds for the Polavaram Project to stall the proceedings of both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.

The party was able to hold protest in the two Houses, stall its proceedings, and thus drew the attention of the other members.

Both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha were adjourned for more than once during the first two days of the session.

This had resulted Prime Minister Narendra Modi to speak to the leaders of the Opposition parties and seek their support in allowing the two Houses to conduct their legislative business.

Usually, the Prime Minister meets the opposition leaders before the commencement of the session. Even if such a meeting is required, it is usually the Parliamentary Affairs minister who holds such meetings.

In some cases, Speaker in Lok Sabha and chairman in Rajya Sabha hold meetings with the opposition leaders to ensure smooth functioning of the Houses.

But, making the Prime Minister to hold a second meeting was a great success for the YSR Congress.

The issues of SCS and Polavaram too have given them edge over their critics in the home state.

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