Babus’ missing on Hyderabad poll screen

By Nehru.T Nov. 24, 2020, 09:50 pm IST
Babus’ missing on Hyderabad poll screen

Keeping away from GHMC elections.

Amid Greater Hyderabad Municipal corporation elections, the people of the city are missing N.Chandrababu Naidu, the senior most politician, who frequently claims that he brought name and fame to the city. When ever he gets an opportunity to speak on Hyderabad, Naidu states that he brought a tag of software city. He never hesitate to say himself as architect of modern Hyderabad.

He states that he brought high tech city and other basic infrastructure. But during these GHMC elections, Naidu, not even Chinababu (Lokesh) is not appearing the political screen there. Though they are living at Hyderabad, where the party office is located, the duo are dare not to come to party office and not even participating in poll campaign in support of the TDP corporator candidates. The both didn’t conduct a meeting with TDP cadre and didn’t give directions in this regard. It appears that the both simply have left the GHMC elections issue to the Telangana TDP leaders like L.Ramana and others.

Naidu frequently says that just because of his efforts only the city got this much of name and fame all over the India. The city had gained the most of the development during his regime(1995-2004) and no other Chief ministers have done anything to this city. But the TDP candidates, who are contesting in the elections are disappointed with the decision taken by Chandrababu Naidu not to go to campaign at GHMC elections. On the other side, the social media including political circles are murmuring that Naidu dare not to come for campaign here as the party has lost its base and even the voters also not in favor of TDP any more. Even he has some political gap with the TRS government led by Chief minister K.Chandrasekhara Rao due to Cash for vote issue. Naidu has challenged KCR in those days and even threatened that he would take action against by using his own ACB sleuths. Even Chandrababu Naidu immediately left Hyderabad soon after the Cash for vote issue is surfaced and he has been maintaining gap with TRS and KCR too. So it seems that he is feeling shy to come on to the roads of Hyderabad to appeal the public to cast their votes in favor of TDP candidates.

Any how this is the pathetic, situation for him for keeping away from GHMC election even he is residing in the same city. Now only the T-TDP leaders are bearing their own headache on this issue and struggling to gain the public support. TDP gain only one corporator seat in previous GHMC elections and later he also defected into TRS. But this time, there is no chance of gaining not even a single seat there. So Naidu is intentionally keeping away from these elections to protect his prestige.

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