Three reasons why farmers are protesting in Amaravati

By Gopal.T Jan. 06, 2020, 06:37 pm IST
Three reasons why farmers are protesting in Amaravati

There are a few farmers who have been participating in protests in the capital villages for the past two weeks. Though there are 29 villages in the capital city of Amaravati, the protests are held mostly in two to three villages namely, Venkatapalem, Mandadam and Velagapudi.

The first reason is that most of these farmers are the members of the TDP and hardcore fans of Chandrababu Naidu. They follow blindly whatever Chandrababu Naidu says, they follow suit. They obliged him and volunteered when he had asked to give him lands for the capital. He promised them an international city, a green city, with global infrastructure and continuous flow of investment, thus increasing the prices of their lands. They were also promised, among other things, 10 years of lease amount and fully developed plots. They follow him and oblige him without questioning him for what he had promised and why he had not fulfilled when in power.

The second reason is that some of the farmers have offered their lands, even the developed plots that were promised to them, as dowry during marriages. The relations were built on high expected financial returns and those returns disappear with the change of government. They are in trouble now from the in-laws to fulfil the promises made at the time of weddings. The in-laws want the payments in cash now instead of the land or plots that was promised to them. The families are, thus on the verge of break up with the new decision of the government and hence the farmers are on the streets.

The third reason is that several of the farmers have sold their lands at the prices ranging from Rs 5 crore to Rs 10 crore on an average. The transactions were completed and the farmers have received the payments from the buyers. Now, having received such huge payments, the farmers are also now under pressure from the buyers. The buyers are forcing them to fight against the government decision and thus the farmers are on the streets.

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