Russia announced vaccine for Covid

By Nehru.T Aug. 11, 2020, 06:15 pm IST
Russia announced vaccine for Covid

This can be said a big relief for hun dress of crores of people who are scaring access the globe with corona virus, which has claimed lakhs of loved so far.
On Tuesday Russia announced its first successful vaccine for the deadly virus.

President Vladimir Putin said the country has registered the world's first Covid-19 vaccine.w
"As far as I know, this morning for the first time in the world a vaccine against the novel Coronavirus infection was registered," Putin was quoted as saying as he opened a meeting with the state officials.
Health Minister Mikhail Murashko earlier said that clinical trials of the vaccine developed by the Gamaleya National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology of the Russian Healthcare Ministry were over.

On August 3, a "final medical examination" of participants in clinical trials of the vaccine took place at the Burdenko Main Military Clinical Hospital, the Russian Defence Ministry earlier said in a statement.
The results clearly showed that all volunteers had a clear immune response resulting from vaccination, the ministry said, adding that there were no side effects or abnormalities in the work of the volunteers.

"Thus, the available data of laboratory and instrumental studies allow us to speak about the safety and good tolerance of the vaccine," the statement added.

Russia, which is facing international scepticism due to its approach to developing the vaccine, is planning mass vaccination against Covid-19 in October, earlier media reports said. The first dose was given to daughter of putin and the name of the vaccine is Sphutnic, the name of the first satilite launched by Russia. The vaccine is getting amazing results and boosting up the immunity in human body to fight with covid virus. The medicine would be made available for public by January next year."Russia announced.

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