RDO gives birth in General hospital

By Nehru.T Jun. 27, 2020, 09:16 pm IST
RDO gives birth in General hospital

She is a sub divisional magistrate and revenue division officer. She can afford the expenditure for her personnel health care but she prefers government hospitals and got admitted there. Hemalatha, revenue divisional officer of Vizianagaram went to government district general hospital like normal woman, she produced her Aadhar card for proof and was admitted in the hospital. On the midnight she gave birth to a male child. Later the hospital administration came to know that she is a higher official and about to take special care but she refused it. Later Hemalatha stated that the services at government hospitals are much better than the private hospitals, where we need to pay huge money. Here everything is fine and my aim is to create trust among the public regarding government hospitals.

The people are recollecting the conditions of government hospitals during Telugu Desam regime. All the 108 emergency vehicles are dumped and the staff was terminated. Hospitals were running with less staff.Thousands of posts of paramedical staff was vacant. Even an infant was killed in Guntur government hospital with mouse bite. Now the people are comparing the situations at hospitals now and then and expressing their satisfaction with the facilities here and applauding the government for completely changing the conditions here.

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