Mudragada to step down from Kapu leadership ?

By Nehru.T Jul. 13, 2020, 09:22 pm IST
Mudragada to step down from Kapu leadership ?

All of sudden the Kapu agitation leader, who has been running the Kapur movement for the past few decades, Mudragada Padmanabham seems to be vexed with the politics and social conditions, and stepping down as leader and likely to give up his movement.The strong leader from East Godavari district on Monday stated withdrawal of his agitation for reservations to Kapu community under Backward Classes quota. He released a statement to media too. He said that he has been targeted by some people and it was very pained him. ‘Some Kapu brothers have assassinated my character and intentionally defaming me in social media.

“I don’t know why I have been attacked in an inhuman way. It seems that they are under the impression that I had not given them a share in the funds that I had collected during the movement for Kapu reservation or the booty collected from industrialists by threatening them, after surrendering myself to the former chief minister or present chief minister,” he stated.

Mudragada said N Chandrababu Naidu was responsible for the revival of the agitation for Kapu reservation. Naidu promised to include Kapus in the BC list and give them reservations and I had to take up the agitation when he did not fulfil the promise,” he said. I never expected posts and positions or making big money through the Kapu agitation.

Actually I lost my health and wealth too. But I never worried about any loss and always fought for the benefit of Kapus only. Some leaders tried to hijack the movement but I never felt bad abut it. I said my friends, well wishers that if some other leader brings reservations to Kapus, I would welcome and even I need not any credit of it.’ He said in that open letter. It seems that Mudragada is vexed with the movement and not in a position to continue the movement further.

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