Merugu Nagarjuna flays Chandrababu

By T. Gopal Jan. 05, 2020, 05:19 pm IST
Merugu Nagarjuna flays Chandrababu

YSRCP MLA Merugu Nagarjuna flayed Chandrababu Naidu for his comments on Pricipal Secretary Vijay Kumar and demanded an unconditional apology.

He said that Naidu was a dalit traitor and he should apologize to Vijay Kumar for making comments and criticism on caste if not legal action should be taken against Naidu under SC/ST Act.

He had shown a video in which Naidu commented on Vijay Kumar and said that Vijay Kumar has done his duty and Naidu’s comments were intolerable for which dalits would never forget this discrimination. Naidu’s 40 years of political experience was a waste of use for which he would face the consequences.

He said that Naidu was the only leader who mocked BR Ambedkar’s constitution. Naidu has an anti-dalit ideology. Previously, Naidu had commented; Does anyone wish to get birth in the dalit community? We have told many times that Naidu was a dalit traitor. Naidu had shown a similar attitude in English medium issue as well.

‘We would not allow Naidu to enter villages if he won’t apologize,’ he said. He also said that Naidu would not want dalits to be developed and people would not forget Naidu’s betrayal to dalits in the state.

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