MEGHA bringing back the workers

By Nehru.T Jun. 09, 2020, 05:29 pm IST
MEGHA  bringing back the workers

Speedup Polavaram works

Ofcourse, the opposition TDP and its supporting yellow media may be targeting the government of Andhrapradesh on various issues. Both the TDP leaders and Yellow media have been trying to sling mud on the government on the name of Polavaram project. They have been blaming that the YSRCP government is intentionally ignoring the Polavaram project, which can be said as life line of Andhrapradesh. But the fact is different. Actually thousands of works have left for their native areas as the works were stalled due to Corona caused lockdown. This scenario became a arm for the yellow media and again started reporting adverse stories on workers. But as per the information, the MEGHA engineering company is plying special busses and trains to bring back the workers from Odisha and some other states. As of now around 2000 workers including engineers and other technicians have reached Polavaram project area and they are about to involve in the works soon. The MEGHA is set every facility here to secure the workers and technicians.
Even the company has established a dispensary to provide medical facility and to conduct medical tests to the workers if necessary. All the workers are being examined before going into works. As a result, the number of workforce is gradually increasing. Any how the MEGHA is working on war foot base to complete the project in record of time. The same company has completed Kaleswaram project in Telangana lesser than the targeted time.

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