Wedlock,Politics,Controversy-Laxmi Parvati

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Wedlock,Politics,Controversy-Laxmi Parvati

Lakshmi Parvathi has a special place in Telugu politics,came from the humble background of ruler farmer's family she has endued many misdeeds,overcome the hardships in a patriarchal society..She has shown her exuberance as higher educationist, educator, language scholar and  writer.She has taken every step of her life with her talents...Lakshmi Parvathi may not be a Jayalalitha, Mamatha but she has made a mark in the political history of Andhra Pradesh. 

Who witnessed the greatest history of post Chandrababu (ever since he became the chief minister) than lakshmi parvathi?.Chandrababu would remain the son in law of NTR in the history if not he was become Chief Minister.

History Is for winners but it is not necessary that entire history is filled with winners.Loser waits for an opportunity to transfer her strength to strong supporter when he recognise that he hasn't enough valency to fight?Lakshmi Parvathi has been doing exactly the same thing over the past two decades.Lakshmi Parvathi who seen her happiness when Chandrababu lost 2004 elections from Atmakur in Kurnool district.Now Jagan Government decided to appoint Lakshmi Parvathi as the chairperson of Telugu Academy,joining the government for the first time.

Lakshmi's NTR...

Lakshmi Parvathi faced wide range of Criticism on her wedlock with NTR.But the facts remain facts that no one is ready to look after NTR,after his family shown reluctance on him..Threre may be an opprobrium on lakshmi parvathi that it was immoral and unethical to give divorce to her first husband to marry aged  Ntr.. In order to get political mileage chandrababu made severe allegations on lakshmi parvathi about her interference in governance,asking for bribe,Her place in party but it is humourous that in what bases chandrababu appointed his son as general secretary and minister in his government (except the increase in party membership that to with a missed call).

Chandrababu grew up with the backing of the media and backstabbing lakshmi parvathi..She faced her tough time especially after the demise of NTR,She held a large gathering in vijayawada with the name of "Simha gharjaana" at least two lakh people attended the meeting with political stalwarts like Sharad yadav,Ramvilas Pashvan etc. Her no stone unturned efforts choked chandrababu that a strong sympathy is working for lakshmi parvathi..


Ten days after the simhagharjana an election held for six Rajya sabha seats in which chandrababu did camp based politics that did not fetch the desire fruit for chandrababu,lakshmi parvathi cadre Mp daggubati won,a cross voting had done by congressman deccan chronicle venkat rami reddy..Two months later general elections were held chandrababu afraid of that election and given tickets to his cabinet ministers viz.Erram Naidu,SV Subba Reddy,L.Ramana etc with an addition to cinestars like kaikala satyanarayana,"oorvashi" sharada..Lakshmi Parvathi cadre performed decently and managed to get twelve lakh vote share..

The by-election of 16 MLAs elected to the Lok Sabha was vacated by a by-election in October.Chandra babu given a new definition to "poll management" as a result first time Andhra voters saw a Rs 500 note with this election. In 1996, the court disqualified Mohan Rao, a TDP MLA, in the case of using NTR Krishna's  photos in the 1989 election campaign..Chandra babu used all his political force, eventually lakshmi Parvathi won this election and registered her first victory over chandrababu..

BJP-TDP(Lakshmi parvathi alliance)

By mid-year, the Lok Sabha had a by-election in 1998. The BJP and  have allied with the Laxmi Parvati TDP..In the nail-biting battle, the Congress won 22 seats, the BJP 4 and the TDP allies 15 (TDP 12+ CPI -2+ Janata Dal-1) and MIM-1. Lakshmi Parvathi TDP won no seat in five contests but finished second in Srikakulam..In that election, the BJP polled 18% and the Laxmi Parvati got  11.56% of the five seats they contested. BJP win in Rajahmundry and Kakinada was a big set back to chandra babu. BJP-Laxmi Parvati alliance  got 20% of the votes in that election.

Left to right..

When the NDA did not have a proper majority in the 1998 elections, Chandrababu cut friendship  with the Communists and supported the Vajpayee government from outside and made Balayogi as speaker. The Vajpayee regime collapsed just in  13 months. Chandrababu allied with the BJP in the 1999 Assembly and Lok Sabha elections in a bid to win the popular vote on the BJP, as the Kargil war,sympothy on Government..

What if BJP was not aligned with Chandrababu?

It is impossible to say what the situation would be like if the BJP had allied with Laxmi Parvati, not with Chandrababu in the 1999 elections, but Laxmi Parvati's party would have won at least one or two MLAs. Chandrababu does not believe in the TDP's victory after the polls ended in 1999. The lamp scheme is the second leading cause of TDP victory in that election.

In 1999, Laxmi Parvati lost to Sompeta and Elur in two seats and in 2004 from Atmakur in Kurnool district.She did not contest then after..

Lakshmi Parvati has been in the loyalist  since the formation of the YCP. Laxmi Parvati has been recognized in the form of "Telugu Academy". With luck, even more big ones can be found in the future..

The viceroy  win was only temporary, when the defeat in 2004 & 2009 and the defeat in 2014, Chandrababu showed no signs of flamboyancy . Chandrababu won the 1999 election on the grounds of  Kargil war and the 2014 election was only because of division of the state..Chandrababu with all his political history failed to get victory for his son in 2019,shows his valency.In this election  his party got only 23 seats..

Egoism is not valid in politics ... At least respect should be given for opponents. It cannot be said that the political cycle will stop at a party for five years.

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