Kuppam defeat effect: CBNs close aides quitting TDP

By Nehru.T Feb. 24, 2021, 09:24 pm IST
Kuppam defeat effect: CBNs close aides quitting TDP

TDP’s Incharge Muniratnam, Naidu’s PA Manohar stepping out

The shocking results attained by the Telugu Desam party in Gramapanchayati elections have created tremors in the party. The leaders and incharges of Kuppam are not at all digesting the unexpected results and they are simply trying to come out of those responsibilities. All these unwanted consequences are happening just before the tour programme of party supreme N.Chandrababu Naidu from 27 to 27 February. At a review meeting held at Kuppam ahead of Naidu’s visit to the constituency the party cadres lashed out at the top leaders of the constituency for their inefficiency in leading the party to victory in the gram panchayat elections. Unable to face the strong comments from the party cadre, P.Manohar, personnel assistant of Naidu and , who has been looking after the party activities at Kuppam for a long time has decided to quit this burden. Manohar said he had already informed the TDP president that he won’t continue in the post as he owned up the responsibility for the party’s loss in Kuppam. “He told me to continue in the post, but I said I cannot. I will continue as an ordinary party worker. Naidu will have a new PA from Tirupati from March 1 to take care of party activities in Kuppam,” Manohar said. Apart from Manohar, P S Muniratnam, TDP In-charge for Kuppam also announced that he was stepping down from the post. He said he had not gained anything from the party. “I lost many opportunities of making money. I don’t want to continue as in-charge of Kuppam,” he said. TDP legislative council member G Srinivasulu also refused to take the chair on the dais and said he had no right to accept positions. Several TDP workers lashed out at the leaders for not taking the gram panchayat elections in Kuppam seriously. Any how, just before the tour of Chandrababu to Kuppam after 18 months, he is going to face a bitter experience as his close men, who carried the party for many years are simply skipping from those responsibilities and no others are interested to bear those roles in future.

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