Iran has dolphin Marine soldiers to fight with enemies ..

By Nehru.T Jan. 11, 2020, 12:53 pm IST
Iran has dolphin Marine soldiers to fight with enemies ..

Having unclear armed submarines, ships of various classes is very common now a days. Even the animals like snifer dogs, well trained horses and even birds like doves, pigeons are also common but availing services of some other animals would definitely make you unbelievable. But Iran is believed to be availing the services of dolphins, which were well trained and even attack like suicide bombs. Yes it's believed to be fact.

Those were trained by the previous Soviet Union in Russia, the aquatic squadron of mammalian 'mercenaries' could still be alive and ready to fight in the Persian Gulf.

Iran has a herd of dolphins specially trained to attack enemy ships in suicide missions, it has been reported.
The army marine mammals were also trained to kill enemy ships and even submarines too.

The dolphins were also trained to kill enemy frogmen - military scubadivers - with spear strapped onto their heads.
The dolphins are said to have been purchased by the Iran in 2000 from Russia.

It's amazing to know that The underwater dolphins were said to be able to tell the difference between between Russian and American submarines by the sound of their underwater mechanism and naval systems.

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