Hard days ahead for JC Brothers

By Nehru.T Jun. 10, 2020, 01:46 pm IST
Hard days ahead for JC Brothers

154 Busses seized, cases booked

JC brothers, who were in full swing during the congress regime and even in Telugu Desam ruling, now they are in neck deep troubles as the YSRCP government is targeting the family without any compassion. JC brothers have been into transport business for the past few decades and they have committed some blunders including malpractices during the business. Now all the tampered records and other mall practices are being dug by the present government. This would make the JC brothers to face sleepless nights.

former MP J C Diwakar Reddy and his brother and former MLA J C Prabhakar Reddy of Andhrhapuram district are under the radar of the AP government. The AP government has ordered to seize 154 buses belonging to JC brothers.

The government announced that as many as 154 buses of Bureau of standards(BS)-III category belonging to JC Travels had been registered illegally and were being run for the last three years.
Out of 154, busses 50 were registered in the name of Jatadhara Industries and 104 buses in the name of C Gopal Reddy. As many as 33 buses were registered in Karnataka, 15 in Telangana and 101 in Andhra Pradesh.

27 FIRs in Anantapur and three in Kurnool against the JC brothers. We have also written a letter to the Centre to blacklist these vehicles in the database and give instructions to all the states to seize these buses .
Some of the busses are modified as BS-IV busses with tampered records and plying in various routes. Even they bought age old lorries from Ashok Leyland company and modified as busses. All these practices are considered as serious offences and the government is paved the route to book the brothers. For this, they brothers have fabricated some fake insurance documents too. Any how, all these consequences are seems to be a big hurdle for the brothers. Prior to this, the YSRCP government has cancelled huge land sanctions made by the previous TDP government on the name of Trishul cement company.

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