Government keen on state development, says Botsa

By Suresh Dec. 23, 2019, 09:03 pm IST
Government keen on state development, says Botsa

Minister for Municipal Administration Botsa Satyaranarayana lambasted Chandrababu for betraying people in the name of the capital city and asked the public not to be trapped by Chandrababu again. He assured the farmers of the capital city region and asked them no to worry about their lands.

"All the recommendation made by GN Rao committee would be discussed in Cabinet meeting," said Minister ‘This government would not show any cases towards specific caste or religion and Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy was determined to develop the entire state.

He said that the promises made to farmers would be fulfilled and the capital city region lands would be developed. The existing temporary legislative assembly would be continued as the legislative assembly and the Amaravati would be transformed as Educational Hub. The minister explained all the recommendations made by the GN Rao committee. As per the Sri Bagh agreement the high court would come up in Kurnool and summer assembly sessions would be held at Visakhapatnam.

Explaining about the upcoming development projects in Visakhapatnam the Minister said that Rs 1,400 crore would be spent for the beautification works in the city, Rs 110 crore would be spent for the development of beach, Rs 60 crore for the development of Kailasagiri and a museum would be set up in the city.

He flayed Chandrababu’s comments; development would not be possible with Secretariats, Assembly and High Court, and Hyderabad was developed with the IT sector and ORR. For the same, the minister questioned Chandrababu ‘ Why did you spend Rs 5,000 crore on these buildings?’ He said that Chandrababu was answerable to these questions. Chandrababu had looted the land from the poor in the name of capital city and asked the people of the capital city region to understand the real intentions of Chandrababu. He suggested the people not to be betrayed by Chandrababu again.

The minister questioned that have the lands been given to TDP’s close aides or not? And said that Finance Minister Rajendranath in the assembly had exposed the details of purchased details of lands in the capital region. The opposition party is abusing the government with paid artists on social media.

He asked the people of the capital city region who are protesting to withdraw the protest and assured that the government would take care of everyone.

He mentioned that several states in the country have their secretariats, assemblies and high courts in different places within their state. The people have given a mandate with 150 seats and the Chief Minister was taking decisions accordingly for the development of the state.

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