Don’t be panic .. Government would help you

By iDream Post Apr. 01, 2020, 05:58 pm IST
Don’t be panic ..  Government would help you

YS Jaganmohan Reddy appeals

On the occasion abnormal raising of Corona positive cases, the Chief minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy assured the public that the government would help them to regain their health and provide utmost care for them.

On Wednesday the Chief minister addressed the public of Andhrapradesh and said ‘ We have noticed the abnormal growth of positive cases of Corona virus after conducting medical testa too the returnees of Delhi Jamate congregation. 1085 people from our state have visited Delhi and participated in that program and except 21 , rest of the all have reached back to their homes and we collected the samples of 585 persons and waiting for the results of the other samples. As of now we have 87 positive cases in our state but 70 percent of the cases are from Delhi pilgrims only. I appeal the public to no be panic over the positive case and don’t think it’s a sin. Consider it like a common fever or flue and inform the medical staff like Asha workers, volunteers, ANMs get the treatment and get relief within two weeks. But don’t hide the symptoms and don’t be cause of spreading to others. It can be easily cured and don’t be afraid of that positive cases. On the otherside the aqua, agriculture workers can work in their fields upto 1 PM and later be in your homes. Don’t move here and there. Apart from this I am very much thankful to the officers, cabinet colleagues , legislatures and all the employees of the state for postponement of salaries and to pay in phased manner. Financial condition of the state is not much healthy and income from various source also dipped. So we have no other option than paying salaries in phased way. I am appealing the all private medical colleges, hospitals to cooperate with the government in this crisis period and help the government and common man with kind, broad heart.’ He said.

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