Doesn’t Pawan have guts to sack Rapaka ?

By Nehru.T Feb. 03, 2020, 02:38 pm IST
Doesn’t Pawan have guts to sack Rapaka  ?

The people of Andhra Pradesh and persons, who closely observe the politics are surprising why the Pawan Kalyan is not taking any action against Rapaka Vara Prasad, the only legislature won on behalf of Janasena and frequently responding adversely to the chief the party.

Generally the party highcommand would take serious action on its legislatures if they found violating the rule, policies of the party and behaving in his individual. Sometimes it may leads to sacking of the MLA from the party but in Janasena, the chief Pawan Kalyan is not at all taking any disciplinary action on Rapaka , who won from Rajole of East Godavari even though he is publicly opposing the party policies and deliberately supporting the government and the chief YS Jaganmohan Reddy.

Rapaka is openly defying the party line and supporting YSR Congress party government on many issues including introduction of English medium in government schools and three capitals issue. In the normal circumstances, Pawan should have sacked him by now but such steps are not yet taken. It seems that Pawan want Rapaka to step out in his own into YSR Congress. Interestingly Pawan Kalyan recently stated he was not aware whether the MLA was still there in the party or not. He said if anybody have principles and values would walk with him." Pawan said .

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