Demand for Naga Babu to be sent to Erragadda hospital

By Nehru.T May. 21, 2020, 09:29 am IST
Demand for Naga Babu to be sent to Erragadda hospital

Compliant against Naga babu over his tweet

Actor cum politician, Mega brother Naga babu is landed in soup with the tweets he posted in Godse. A congres man lodged a compliant against Nagababu in Telangana.

The complaint was lodged at the Osmania University police station in Hyderabad city. Telangana Congress general secretary Koturi Manavatha Roy approached the police, seeking action against Naga Babu for glorifying Gadse and coment edhi as a patriot . Roy alleged that the comments made by the Baga babu on Twitter were insulting and nothing but degrading the stature of Mahatma Gandhi.

Naga babu on Tuesday posted a controversial post praising Nathuram Godse on the occasion of his birth anniversary.

His comments were as follows

"Nathuram Godse, a true patriot. Whether his killing of Gandhi is correct or not is debatable. Those days, no media presented his side of the story. The media worked in favor of the ruling government (it is the same even today). He knew that he'd be dishonoured. Yet, he killed Gandhi. We cannot raise doubts over his patriotism. He is a true patriot. On his birthday, I felt like remembering him once." Nagababu commented.
Based on the comments,the congress leader Roy appealed the police to take action against the actor for insulting Mahatma Gandhi and suspend his twitter account immediately. Roy said that Naga Babu lost the balance of his mind and should be sent to Erragadda Hospital for treatment.

Any how, Nagababu, a part time politician is landed in troubles by making immature comments and hurt the emotions of public.

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