Delhi elections : No place for Congress, BJP gains more seats than 2015

By Nehru.T Feb. 11, 2020, 02:43 pm IST
Delhi elections :  No place for Congress, BJP gains more seats than 2015

Finally the common man choose the Aam Admi Party(AAP) and again made it to sit on the crown of the Delhi by giving 59 seats. Though the BJP deployed its senior leaders, MPs, Ministers into the streets and wards to attract the voters and to win the Delhi at any cost, they could not made the people to believe and they cant pool the votes from AAP vote bank. Interestingly the Indian national Congress party which has ruled the entire nation with the capital of Delhi, has been washed out of the screen of Delhi politics. Even Rahul Gandhi also could not drive the party towards victory but not even they could not win some respectable seats. Interestingly the INC has showed the same performance in 2015 elections and in 2020 also. Its amazing to learn how the congress is performing and how the leaders are managing the party at capital. The vote share of Congress is only 4 percent this time and AAP gained 53 percent of votes.

But at the same time the BJP has abnormally increased its performance when compared with 2015 results. It got only 3 seats in 2015 and now it achieved four times more than that figure. BJP could win 11 seats by putting its entire efforts and by deploying its senior leaders and even Amit shaw, who can be said as Chanakya of present political scenario also visited Delhi and participated in various programs. But the common man voted for AAP only. It seems that simplicity of Arvind Kejriwal and bringing down the corruption. Welfare schemes like improvement of schools, and bringing down the power charges have fetched huge votes.

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