Cops file case against three quarantine violators

By iDream Post Mar. 31, 2020, 11:45 am IST
Cops file case against three quarantine violators

The Krishna district police have booked cases against three persons who violated home quarantine rule and were found roaming on the streets.

The incident happened in Machilipatnam the Krishna district headquarters town on Monday. The police have kept three persons in home quarantine after they returned from Dubai on March 9. The residents have alerted the police on the same day. The police who conducted tests on the three persons directed them to be under home quarantine till further orders.
However, the three persons have come out of home on Monday and were seen moving around on the streets.

Some of the ward volunteers of Machilipatnam Municipality noticed the three persons and informed the police. The police booked cases against the three persons for violation of the home quarantine rule and wandering.

The police have also sent them back to the home quarantine with strict orders. The police said that instructions were given to the family members not to allow the three persons to come out of the homer quarantine till further orders.
The police also threatened to file cases against the family members if the three persons were found outside the homes in violation of the home quarantine rule.

Meanwhile, the police have also booked cases against a today tapper in the town for roaming around to sell the toddy.
As the liquor shops are closed all over, the toddy tapper was quenching the thirst of the tipplers. The police took the tapper into custody and destroyed the toddy.

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