An eventful year benefiting all sections in AP

By Gopal.T May. 30, 2020, 09:39 pm IST
An eventful year benefiting all sections in AP

From the Pension Kanuka to the inauguration of Rythu Bharosa Kendras (RBKs), YS Jagan Mohan Reddy’s government has completed an eventful year touching every heart and turning a new leaf in the lives of a multitude of people from despair to hope and happiness.

‘I am extremely happy to celebrate my one year governance among farmers and launching 10,641 RBKs useful to the over 62% of the population of the State who depend on agriculture by helping them from buying seeds to sale of their produce, which is indeed a revolutionary step,’ the Chief Minister said from his camp office here on Saturday.

The narrative of his political journey, which began 11 years ago in 2009 when he was elected MP, was touched upon and his journey has tracked the plight of various sections of people covering every nook and corner of the State during his traverse.

During the first year, the State has spent Rs 40,627 cores benefiting 3.58 core beneficiaries directly with no role of middlemen and infusing transparency into governance by crediting the amount into their bank accounts. The pensions and other welfare services are directly delivered at the home of the beneficiaries through Village and Ward Volunteers on the prescribed date.

The 3,648 km Padayatra has given more insight about the sufferings of the people and the corrupt practices of the previous government, its wrong priorities and indifference towards people. ‘I have seen governance that has gone awry with Janmabhoomi Committees running the show at local level and institutionalizing corruption by fixing rates for every work from ration card to pension and also screening beneficiaries on political affiliations.

I have seen schools in dilapidated conditions, girls stopping their studies as there were no toilets, hospitals that lack basic amenities like electricity and farmers and women SHGs bearing the brunt of being cheated on the loan waiver.’

Having a jibe at the Opposition, he said, our government wanted to distribute hose site pattas to 29 lakh poor people. But here we have an Opposition Party which has moved the court against such a welfare decision contending that in the capital area region if land distribution is carried out it would lead to demographic imbalance.

Drawing a contrast with previous government, the Chief Minister said, we have just a two page manifesto and in the first year itself 90 % of the promises are fulfilled whereas the previous government with its voluminous manifesto has hardly fulfilled 10 % of promises during its entire term.

Of the 129 promises we have made, we have fulfilled 77 promises while for 36 others we have given the calendar for implementation and the remaining 16 will soon be fulfilled. We have also fulfilled 40 promises that were not in the manifesto, he said.

The previous government has encouraged sale of liquor and the outlets were all over. In our policy of bringing prohibition, we have closed down 43,000 belt shops and took over the liquor trade to have full regulation and now with the steep hike in price and cutting down the number of shops the consumption of liquor has come down drastically. While the pension bill during the previous government was Rs 400 crores, our monthly bill is Rs 1,500 crores.

We have spent Rs 2,200 crore towards market intervention and came to the rescue of the farmers.

The previous government has left back dues worth Rs 39,000 croes and loans to a tune of Rs 2,60,000 crores and added to this was the COVID pandemic. Overcoming all these we have went forward with out welfare schemes, he said.

Our farmer friendly government has given Rs 10,200 crores to 49 lakh farmer families under Rythu Bharosa PM Kisan scheme. This is the only government that has extended this scheme to tenant farmers. Listing out the welfare schemes benefiting, weavers, fishermen, auto and cab drivers, he said every section of the society is addressed to during the past one year. Aarogyasri, Kanti Velugu, and Nadu Nedu to revamp hospitals and schools, Vidya Deewena, Vasathi Deevena,Goru Mudda, Amma Vodi and English medium are the game changers in the days to come, he said.

On the social front, we have provided 50% reservations to SCs, STs, BCs, minorities and women in nominated posts and has brought in BC Commission on a permanent basis.

The government has shown to the world what transparency is by setting up a Judicial Preview Commission to look into every tender and through reverse tendering over Rs 2,000 has been saved.

Later the Chief Minister has launched CMAPP (Comprehensive Monitoring of Agriculture Prices and Procurement) and held video conference with farmers who were present at RBKs. Before that he had also launched the kiosks at RBKs, which will very user-friendly and the Agriculture Assistant will always be at hand for any help. He also inaugurated the Integrated Call Centre (155251).

Agriculture Mission Vice Chairman MVS Nagi Reddy, Ministers K Kanna Babu, Mopidevi Venkataramana, Buggana Rajendernath, Peddireddy Rmchandra Reddy, Botsa Satyanarayana were among those who attended the function.

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