Chandra babu plans to revive TDP

By Nehru.T Jun. 04, 2020, 05:14 pm IST
Chandra babu plans to revive TDP

Searching for new chief for AP TDP

Chief of Telugu Desam N.Chandrababu Naidu, after competition of Mahanadu, the annual day celebration, decided to revive the party from top to bottom. The TDP has eaten the dust in the previous general elections held in 2019. It could win only 23 MLA seats and 3 MP seats in that elections.
After completetion of Mahanadu on 27, 28 of May, Naidu strongly decided to overhaul his party organisation from top to bottom in the state. Apparently realising that some senior leaders, including a couple of MLAs have absent from Mahanadu meetings, the TDP chief is said to be considering talking to each and every leader of the party as to what his or her plans are. As per the information Naidu has decided to change the state president of AP K.Kalavenkata Rao and wants to appoint another leader from the same backward community in the seat.

But on the other side Kalavenkata Rao is also in the race for second time. But as per the insider talk, the choice of Chandrababu Naidu is to make Atchennaidu , the MLA from Srikakulam as the chief of AP TDP. But at the same time, the loose tongue of Atchenna become a hurdle for him to hold the post. Besides Atchenna , the national president is considering the names like Payyavula Kesav and another senior leader Ch.Ayyana Patrudu of Visakhapatnam district for the post. Even CBN is planning to appoint constituency-wise committees to strengthen the party and boost the morale of the cadre, so that they would be prepared to face the of the YSRC in local body elections. Now CBN is in a puzzle, as he is not in a position to decide what to do to streamline the party.

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