Center has no role in state capital issue -Pawan Kalyan

By Nehru.T Jan. 22, 2020, 07:05 pm IST
Center has no role in state capital issue -Pawan Kalyan

Pawan Kalyan, the chief of Janasena stated that union government has no significant role in states and their capitals issue. On Wednesday he met the finance minister Nirmala seetha raman at New delhi and later spoke to media. He said that both BJP and Janasena would discuss and finalize a road map to act in coming days.

He said that the leaders of Jana Sena and BJP leaders had discussed the current state of politics in Andhra Pradesh with the minister. Pawan alleged that despite providing funds to the state, the government had not submitted the Utility Certificate. Interestingly Pawan Kalyan has hinted about the centre's role in the capital issue. He said that the centre has nothing to do with the state's capital, which is entirely in the state's purview.

However, he denied YSRCP's claims of the centre's support on the proposal of three capitals. Interestingly he previously stated that he would not allow to shift the capital from Amaravathi to Vizag but after meeting with BJP leaders he twisted his tongue and stated that center will not involve in that issue.

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