FLASH BACK-Big jolt to royal families-People reject all kings families

By Nehru.T May. 23, 2020, 07:36 pm IST
FLASH BACK-Big jolt to royal families-People reject all kings families

After competition of one year ruling of YSR Congress government, its a need to re collect the victory and how the voters of various districts responded towards TDP, YSRCP and Janasena. The district Vizianagaram, which has prominence of royal families, who ruled the previous society during those medieval tenure and they have been continuing their legasy in the politics also. During the democratic time also they have been in upper hand but in the previous elections all the royal families have bitten the dust.

Of course the families might have ruled the society but now the same royal families were utterly rejected by the public. The representatives of four royal families were defeated in the elections .
The election results were big shock to all royal families in this districts. Representatives from royal families of Bobbili , Vijayanagaram, Kurupam, Merangi face bitter experience as the four of them were defeated.

P.AshokGajapathiraju, rajah of Vizianagaram worked as state minister union minister and as MP of Vizianagaram district contested on behalf of TDP was defeated by YSR congress candidate B.Chandrasekhar. Aditi Gajapathi, daughter of Ashok also was defeated as MLA by K.VeerabhadraSwamy of YSR Congress.

This is a shocking news for Ashok and his followers of Vijayanagaram Samsthanam. RVSK Rangarao, of Bobbili Samsthanam also was defeated by the YSRCP candidate S.V.Ch.Appala Naidu. Grandfather of Sujay Kumar Raja worked as united Madras state and even his father Gopala Krishna Rangarao also worked as MP, MLC of this district. But the defeat of Sujay would be definitely a black spot on Bobbili Samsthanam.

Next two the duo V.Kishore Chandra Deo of Kurupam samsthanam also was defeated from ArakuLok Sabha constituency. He was six times MP from Congress party but recently he joined Telugu Desam and contested from Araku as MP but he was defeated by G.Madhavi of YSR.Congress. Even his daughter Sruthidevi who contested from indian National Congress as MP candidate from Araku also was defeated.

Finally NarasimhapriyaThatraj, a own sister of S.Vijayaramaraju also was defeated by P.PushpaSrivani in Kurupam . Vijayaramaraju belongs to Chinamerangi Samsthanam and his forefathers rules tens of. Villages in this area. But his sister was defeated. Any how four royal families are force to taste the bitter fruits in the elections and two fathers and daughters (Ashok- Aditi , Kishore Chandra deo -Sruthidevi) also were defeated. Any how, those elections have taught a strong lesson to the all royal families of this Vizianagaram.

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