AP to address Amaravati farmers’ issues

By Gopal.T Jan. 13, 2020, 02:45 pm IST
AP to address Amaravati farmers’ issues

The State government had decided to address the issues of the farmers from the Amaravati villages, who have been on fighting mode for the past 20 days. The high power committee of the ministers and senior officers which is looking into the capital issue, besides others, held its third meeting in RTC conference hall in Vijayawada on Monday.

The committee would meet on January 17 and likely to submit its recommendations to the government before January 20. The government is also working at the possibility of holding special session of the Assembly on January 20 to discuss the recommendations of the G N Rao committee, the Boston Consulting Group committee and a comparative study and recommendations of the high power committee.

The high power committee had given time to the farmers and appealed to them to give their representations to the committee before January 17. A section of the farmers has already met Ministers Kodali Nani and Botsa Satyanarayana on Saturday. They also met Botsa in Velagapudi a couple of hours before the Minister attended the high power committee meeting.

The high power committee had discussed the issues raised by the farmers in the meetings with the two ministers and decided to officially invite their representations. The committee would take the representations of the farmers on their grievances and plans to address them on priority. This would, according to some ministers, separate the farmers from the opposition TDP leadership.

The high power committee had also felt the need to create a gap between the farmers and the TDP and thus bring down the situation in the capital villages under control. This would also mean isolating the TDP from the farmers and thus winning over Chandrababu Naidu.

However, it is to be seen how the government wold plan its course of action to counter the TDP and separate the farmers from the opposition party.

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