AP brought in path-breaking laws in 2019

By Suresh Dec. 24, 2019, 09:01 pm IST
AP brought in path-breaking laws in 2019

Andhra Pradesh government has brought in a string of path-breaking legislations and stood a role model to the entire nation with Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy taking the lead for speedy justice and to provide transparent and corruption-free governance.

The Disha Bill stands as a landmark legislation which enables expeditious trial within 21 days and capital punishment for offences against women, Judicial Preview Bill which puts all the high-ticket tender under the legal scanner, besides providing 50 percent reservations to marginalized sections of the society in nominated posts and awarding contract works, providing 75 percent jobs to locals among others.

The recent winter assembly sessions have witnessed the historical Andhra Pradesh Disha Bill, 2019 (Andhra Pradesh Criminal Law (Amendment) Act 2019) and Andhra Pradesh Special Court for Specified Offences against Women and Children Act 2019 to protect women and children of the state. After the approval of these new bills, the judgement would be announced in 21 days and allows them to serve capital punishment if there was proper evidence (conclusive evidence) to prove crime cases against women such as rape. Disha Bill details were asked by the Delhi and Odisha governments and were received well by various walks of people.

The Chief Minister is firm to make education available for all in the state and for the same the Legislative Assembly had passed the Andhra Pradesh School Education Regulatory and Monitoring Commission (Amendment) Bill 2019 that aims at expanding the scope of regulating the fees structure and standards in junior colleges in private sector besides ensuring 25 percent reservations to poor students through a Commission.

The Andhra Pradesh Infrastructure (Transparency through Judicial Preview) Bill, 2019 that was introduced and a bold decision taken by the government under YS Jagan Mohan Reddy to eradicate corruption in the state and with implementation of this bill, every tender worth of Rs 100 crore or above would be scrutinized by a retired judge appointed the High Court. This is to change the current scenario of corrupt practices in the state that was muffed by the previous government.

To promote the backward and underprivileged sections in the society the Chief Minister abiding by the development of the state people has decided to introduce the Andhra Pradesh (50 Percent Reservation to BCs, SCs, STs, and Minorities in all the Nominated Posts) Bill, 2019. The legislative assembly had passed five crucial bills that facilitates 50 percent reservation to BCs, SCs, STs, and Minorities in nominated posts, 50 percent quota to the said sections in the government-nominated contracts and service contracts (of this allocated reservation, at least 50 percent reservation to women) and constitute a permanent BC Commission.

Like never before in any state in the country, the government under YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has defined a path to the youth of the state.

The Andhra Pradesh Employment of Local Candidates in the Industries/Factories Bill, 2019 introduced by the state government has mandated all the existing and upcoming industries to allocate 75 percent of the jobs to local candidates. This bill further states that the candidates have to be trained in case of disqualification of the candidate. It was a real surprise gift to the youth in the state that keeps hope on their careers in their homeland.

It was evident that STs and SCs were neglected by the previous government. To safeguard the interest and encourage the people from ST and SC background the state government had decided to split the existing SC and ST commission into two; the Andhra Pradesh State Commission for Schedule Tribes Bill and the Andhra Pradesh State Commission for Scheduled Castes Bill.

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