Amaravati Leaders' Delhi Tour became unfruitful

By Nehru.T Feb. 05, 2020, 11:15 am IST
Amaravati Leaders' Delhi Tour became unfruitful

Union govt's statement in Lok Sabha disappointed the JAC leaders
The farmers , who went to Delhi from Amaravathi to meet the big wigs and to explain how the YS Jaganmohan Reddy government is exploiting the interests of the farmers here are disappointed with the statement made by union government. The TDP sponsored leaders, in the masks of farmers have visited Delhi to meet the leaders like Vice president M.Venkayya Naidu and others and to explain how the AP government is ruining the capital Amaravathi and how he is demolishing the brand of this state. But the Union government has cleared that the capital issues in not in the hands of union government and it won’t intervene in that issue.

Union minister of state for home affairs Nityanand Rai in Lok Sabha cleared that Andhra Pradesh has every right to choose the location of its capital has come as a big disappointment to the farmers of Amaravati, who have been pinning their hopes on the Central intervention in the capital issue.

All these days, Telugu Desam Party leaders have been giving an impression to the farmers of Amaravati that the Centre would definitely intervene in the matter and prevail upon the Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy government to withdraw his plan to shift the administrative capital to Visakhapatnam.

The JAC leaders met vice-president M Venkaiah Naidu and several MPs to represent their matter. They were also seeking an appointment with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union home minister Amit Shah to represent their case. Apart from the TDP leaders, even former union minister and BJP MP Sujana Chowdary has been telling that the Centre, which had given huge funds for the development of Amaravati, would not remain blind to the unilateral decision of Jagan to shift the capital. Nityanand Rai clearly told the TDP leaders that the Centre had no role to play in the formation or shifting of the capital.

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