A Shameful game in the name of SEC

By iDream Post Mar. 19, 2020, 10:39 am IST
A Shameful game in the name of SEC

AP is witnessing a shameful or rather a shameless political game in the name of State Election Commission.

The SEC had taken a unilateral decision, without directions and consultations, and postponed the local body elections, as demanded by the opposition. There was no official communication to the SEC from the State or the Central government or the Courts to postpone the election.

The SEC took the decision on his own taking cue from the Central government’s announcement of the corona virus as epidemic. While the ruling party attributes SEC’s loyalties to the Opposition party, the unilateral decision raises doubts over the source or the base for such a decision.

Moreover, the SEC had also transferred some officials including Collectors and retained the model code of conduct in force, which also indicate some vindictive politics rather than a fair policy decision.

The issue was amicably sorted out by the Supreme Court upholding the dignity of both the SEC and the State government.
But what followed after the apex court’s judgment is much intriguing and even greater harmful to the state.

The media started circulating a five-page letter, allegedly written by SEC Nimmagadda Ramesh Kumar, to the Central Home Ministry, wherein he sought central protection to him and his family members, expressed fears of threat from the ruling party in the State. The letter contained highly objectionable remarks against the chief minister, the ministers and the ruling party and found fault with the entire election process.

The letter also sought to blame the state police for acting to favour the ruling party, and called the sequence of events as unprecedented, holding the ruling party and the state government responsible for it.

It is clear that the letter in question is not official, as also denied by the SEC himself. The official communication will have a standard format of reference, subject and other coded information for filing and recalling purposes, which is missing in this letter.

However, the media, which is favourable to the opposition TDP had highlighted the total content of the said letter, only to say at the bottom of the report or the end of the report that the SEC had denied.

The purpose of this letter is to defame the ruling party, which is politically-motivated and thus the minds and hands behind, have achieved the target.

Using the constitutional institution like SEC for the political vengeance is not healthy anyway but unfortunately it has become a practice in AP politics, thanks to Machiavellian politics of Chandrababu Naidu.

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