A Big Welcome Move By AP Government

By Kirshna Kiran M 10-11-2019 01:09 PM
A Big Welcome Move By AP Government

The move by #AndhraPradesh #government and the directions given by #CM Jagan Mohan Reddy to have #English #labs and also to follow #CBSE and #ICSE model in #government #schools is a big welcome move.

I have been seeing some pseudo-linguists and so called #Telugu #language ‘lovers’ raising a hue and cry about this decision, saying it is going to harm Telugu. I would like to ask all those against this move - where did you send your children for studies - an English medium one or a government one? What is your first utterance when you see another Telugu person in front of you? What efforts did you make to give jobs to those who did not know English?

They should remember that it was an English man #CharlesPhilipBrown, popularly known as #CPBrown who gave Telugus the first #dictionary, which is the best seller even today. He also penned, #VasuCharitra, #ManuCharitra and #VemanaSatakam. When Telugu was getting neglected, he was the one who worked for its development. How was this possible? He had the passion to learn Telugu and who knows if there are any of our Telugu students who by learning English could become as popular and everlasting as C P Brown?

During the course of my career, I have come across many smart and intelligent students/jobseekers who lost the selections just because of their spoken and written English skills. They were educated in Telugu medium but were more knowledgeable in several ways compared to an English medium person. There are many instances, where I gave positions to such persons who lacked the skills and thankfully they have all done well in their jobs and also improved in English as they moved forward. Most of them were from small schools in village areas.

Whether we accept it or not, English is here to stay and has become the most preferred universal language in the world. We come across many same language people who speak only in English when they meet and greet each other. Obviously, they do not want to invoke language based regional feelings in each other and those around them. Speaking in English, which was a fashion once upon a time, has now become a necessity for several reasons.

So learning in English medium is not going to in anyway harm the interests of Telugu. On the other hand, students are likely to excel in their mother tongue once they see the beauty of Telugu by understanding what English is. After all, every individual loves his mother tongue as much as his mother and no wonder it is called as #mothertongue.

Hence I request all the self declared, pseudo-Telugu ‘lovers’ and #media to stop their bickering on this issue and let the children from government schools have their way in this English influenced world as it gives them equal opportunities to excel and achieve.

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