9 people died by consuming sanitizer

By Nehru.T Jul. 31, 2020, 12:34 pm IST
9 people died by consuming sanitizer

The habitual boozers, who could not get liquor due to lockdown have consumed alcohol based sanitizers have lost their lives.Around nine drunkards became life less in the past two days in Ongole district.

This heart burning incident occurred in Kurichedu village of Prakasam district. The people, who are habituated to drink alcohol every night, started consuming alcohol-based hand sanitizers and died one by one since Thursday night. Due to the increase in the number of Covid cases, the local administration has imposed lockdown in Kurichedu village since a week ago. The officials closed down all shops, including the liquor shops, but only allowed the milk and essential goods. As per the information provided byvDarsi DSP K Prakasa Rao and locals, the drunkards in the village started purchase the alcohol-based sanitizers from medical shops and started to consume them by diluting with water or a cool drink. Inspired by one by one, the others also followed the same and gradually increased the dose from 50ml bottles to 200ml bottles. Some of them are consuming the sanitizers at home, while some of them drinking them at various places with friends.

The DSP Prakasa Rao said that in the eight people died, two of them are beggars while others are hamalis and rickshaw pullers, living in various areas of the village. Though in groups of two or three, these people consumed about 200ml of sanitizers each on Wednesday night and suffered from the complications on Thursday, he added. The DSP announced that they consumed the locally made sanitizers and said that they have seized the empty bottles for sending to the lab. He said that they have started the investigation and warned the public not to consume sanitizers, just because they are fond of alcohol.

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