8 harbours to come up in AP

By Nehru.T May. 02, 2020, 10:25 am IST
8 harbours to come up in AP

Fishermen needn’t to migrate to distant states

If the decision taken by the government of Andhrapradesh is realized soon, thousands of fishermen need not migrate to other states in search of work and job. Then they can work here and earn here and live with their families here. The fishermen folk from various coastal districts migrate to coastal areas of Gujarat, Koklata, Karnataka, Mumbai, Kerala in search of job. They work with various fishing companies on salary basis and send the money to their families here. During this lockdown, thousands of fishermen were stranded in Gujarat without food and work , hence the AP government is providing transportation to bring them here. Now the AP government has decided to construct around 8 fishing harbours in its coast to increase the aqua production and to provide work in their native areas.

As per the proposal the harbours would come up at
Badagatlapalem(Srikakulam) Pudimadaka(Vizag) Uppada(E.G) Narsapuram(W.G) Machilipatnam(Krishna) Nizampatnam(Guntur) Kothapatnam(Ongole) Juvvaladinne(Nellore) districtricts. One jetty would also come up in Manchineellapeta in Srikakulam district.

AP government is going to spend around Rs 3,000 crores and the harbours would be completed in the time limit of three years. State Fisheries Minister MopideviVenkatramana spoke to media on this issue and said TDP government spent only Rs 40 crore for the seaports in Gundayapalem in Prakasam and Antharvedi in East Godavari district. We are spending Rs 3,000 crore for 8 fishing harbours and a jetty. This would enrich the lives of the fishing community and increase the income of AP by producing more aqua products.

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