Year 1977- A Historical Record By NTR - Nostalgia

By Satya Cine Apr. 23, 2020, 03:50 pm IST
Year 1977- A Historical Record By NTR - Nostalgia

Star heroes are working on a single film a year nowadays.  Sometimes, they will not even have a release in the entire calendar year.  But the situation was quite different in the NTR-ANR generation.  They used to work on multiple films and half a dozen films will hit the screens in a calendar year.  

One may get a doubt regarding the quality of those films. We can say that they used to be outstanding. If we take an example of NTR films in 1977, we will be literally surprised to see the list.

Let us have a look at the list of NTR films released in 1977. 

1. Dana Veera Soora Karna (January)
2. Adavi Ramudu (April)
3. Edureeta (July)
4. Chanakya Chandragupta (August)
5. Maa Iddari Katha(September)
6. Yamagola (October)

A total of six films featuring NTR released in 1977.  The genres of all the films are different from one another. Three of them are blockbusters and they are considered to be classics even today. 

Dana Veera Veera Soora Karna is a mythological film.  The most interesting thing is that NTR himself directed the movie. 

Adavi Ramudu is an out and out commercial entertainer directed by K. Raghavendra Rao. 

Yamagola is a socio-fantasy film directed by Tatineni Rama Rao and it was the first film to explore the dangerous Yamaloka for comedy.

Scoring three blockbusters in a calendar year and that too with different genres is a rare feat achieved by NTR.  And one of these films was directed by NTR himself shows the greatness of the senior Nandamuri star. We can say that it is a historical record achieved by NTR.

Apart from these three blockbusters, Chanakya Chandragupta was a historical film directed by NTR.  It is a multistarrer with NTR and ANR. It was also well acclaimed film by a set of audience.  Edureeta and Maa Iddari Katha are family dramas and they were not so successful like the other films.

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