The Oldest ANR's Film We Can Watch - Nostalgia

By Satya Cine Feb. 08, 2020, 07:45 pm IST
The Oldest ANR's Film We Can Watch - Nostalgia

Old is gold. We must have heard this quotation several times but the majority of the people don't treat old things like gold.  Irrespective of this fact, there are people who fond of old things.  If we talk about old classic films there are several beautiful films worth mentioning in which legendary actors and technicians worked. If we talk about the legendary Akkineni Nageswara Rao's films in his early days of career, interesting things are worth mentioning.  

One would wonder whether all the films acted by ANR in the initial days of his career are available now?  The straight answer to this question is a strict 'No'.  ANR made his entry to the Telugu film industry with the movie 'Dharmapatni' in 1941. His second film 'Seeta Rama Jananam' released in 1944 and his third film 'Mayalokam' hit the screens in 1945.   These three films are not available to us now as they are lost in time.

The oldest ANR's film we can watch is 'Mugguru Marateelu', which was released in the year 1946, a year before India got its independence.  It is the fourth film in ANR's career and it was a super hit at the time which has established ANR as a prominent actor of Telugu cinema.  The movie was directed and produced by Ghantasala Balaramaiah.  Two other heroes Ch.Narayana Rao, Bezawada Rajaratnam played the lead roles in this film apart from ANR.  Kannamba played the female lead in the movie.  The story runs in Marathi land and ANR's name is Firoji in the film.  Doesn't it sound interesting? The movie is available on YouTube, you can watch it if you are interested in watching an old classic.

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