SP Balu's Bold Statement On Ilayaraaja - Nostalgia

By Satya Cine Feb. 26, 2020, 06:52 pm IST
SP Balu's Bold Statement On Ilayaraaja - Nostalgia

"Study the past if you would define the future", this is a popular quotation by  Chinese philosopher Confucius.  There is no need to keep thinking about unnecessary things in the past but we should give some time to think about good memories to learn from them.  Apart from the good things, there will be interesting memories and those offer nostalgic feelings. 

Maestro Ilaiyaraaja Music Concert was held in New Jersey, the USA in 2013.   It was a grand success then. Interesting conversations sprouted up in between the live performances by veteran singers.

Mano said "Our elders say Shishur vetti pashur vetti vetti gana rasam phanihi- that's true and the elders standing here on the stage are an example.  Ilaiayarajaa has given thousands of songs and it is difficult to choose one from them" and invited Balasubramanyam and Chitra. 
As soon as Balu took the mic he asked Mano whether he knows the meaning of 'Shishur vetti..'.  

Mano replied with a question, "Do I need to know the meaning?". 

Balu said "Ok. You tell me the meaning that you know". 

Mano answered, "Infants, animals, and snakes do enjoy music". 

Balu continued the conversation and gave a different perspective to it.

He said "We all think that Shishu means a baby, but its Vatapatrashayi - Lord Krishna as the baby. Pashu means Nandishwara, Phanihi means Adhiseshu - the bed of Lord Vishnu.  Music mesmerizes them as well"- leaving the auditorium into loud cheers.

He gave a superb finishing touch to that topic saying "Ilaiayarajaa is made by god to entertain you all."  

Well, it may sound bold but no one can argue with this logic unless he is a fool who doesn't have music sense.

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