what's the formula for a successful superhero movie

By Bharath Kvt Apr. 30, 2018, 03:30 pm IST
what's the formula for a successful superhero movie

What's the most common thing between the Iron Man Series,the black panther series, the Guardians of Galaxy franchise, The Captain America Franchise or Christopher Nolan's Batman Trilogy, All of these franchises have a superhero with no actual superpower to be accurate..let's see what are the super powers of star lord or gamora or quill nothing they all just have blasters and lots of courage. What's the superpower Iron Man or Batman except that their rich, nothing they're rich status brings them their suites. And, guess what these are the most fan favourite and the highest grossing franchises in the superhero movie category. And, again what are the superpowers of captain America a Vibranium Shield.So, the big concern arises why are'nt the superhero movies with heroes with actual superpowers are'nt that big hits..green lantern, thor 1&2, Man of Steel, Hulk 1&2 and there's also Elektra,punisher, Blade, GhostRider 2 , Catwoman movies we have no idea even released .

So, why is it that these actual superhero movies arent grossing as much. Because they are'nt real enough whats the common thing between all of the succesful marvel movies and the Dark Knight Trilogy "We actually Relate to them" yes inspite they having superpowers and what notm all of the successful superhero movies run because of a relatable protagonist backstory for example what's the first that pops on your mind when someone says who was your favourite childhood superhero..it's always spiderman. Why ? simple we all related to a gullible nerdy high school kid with an unachievable crush and with bully issues wether it be the tobey maguire version or the tom holland version we all relate to the character not the superpower and start caring about where's themovie going or where's the character leading it to.And, Another big thing here would be, the lesser the super power of the hero the more realistic the supervillains are...prime example why is black panther the highest grossing superhero film ever because we have the most realistic supervillain ever with an actual backstory which doesn't sound crazy and not from alternate dimension either it's just the most realisticly apt story told through wakandan overtone, here's why superhero's with not much of superpower work..because while watching it we actually empathise with these heroes who is Iron Man without the suit he's like any one of us that's where it changes the game..."With great power comes great Responsibilities" yes absolutely agreed but also comes great amount of CGI whichthe audience has knowledge about now. Movies are'nt just about the over the top battle sequences. but what's substaintly leading to it.

let's take black panther for an example here, In Black panther we're not only shown the mights and dwights of his highnes but also how low he falls as his step brother overthrows him at one point he even ends up half dead at the doorstep of his nemisis..that's the kind of low everyone of us faces and can actually empathize with black panther in scenarios like that. On the other hand let's take MAN OF STEEL aka SUPERMAN this guy is the Sharma ji ka beta of superheroes he literally kicked the shit out of justice league when he was not concious..and he gets back normal he just takes out the villain within like 5 minutes..THese all scenes make out for a good cheerful moments for hardcore fans in theatre, but in actual sense we all are just backing wonderwoman or batman to get up and put up a fight because lets be honest superman does'nt need rooting for does he? Another reason why guy's with superpowers like hulk or thor are fan favourites when it comes to crossover event films because these call up for the perfect avenue to root for them. that's where Infinity War broke grounds of screenplay writing at one particular scene *not a spoiler - thor goes to a planet to make himself a new weapon "the Stormbreaker- AXE" and in the process almost falls out of life and feels like he'd be dying..and we're not shown what happens to his life and taken back to earth where our avengers are fighting the army of thanos and they're outnumbered and clearly falling out that's when an axe slices through half of the army and a thunder reminisent of the Thor Ragnorak Climax appears as thor flashes on earth as he cathes stormbreaker as he lands creating a wave of thunder.

So, what are ingredients for making a successful superhero - invest less on CGI and more on story.

PS :: yes, i wanted to write a more detailed conclusion to this article but you get the idea without concluding it don't you.

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