Strongest Bond Between Two Brothers

By Satya Cine Apr. 06, 2020, 03:30 pm IST
Strongest Bond Between Two Brothers

Sibling rivalry is something which is often found in many families and to some extent, this is higher in powerful and reputed families. However, there is one family which seems to be above and beyond all such barriers. That is the mega family. Given the fact that it has nearly half a dozen heroes, the bonding between all of them is Fevicol strong.

The discussion now is about the strongest bond between two brothers. They are megastar Chiranjeevi and power star Pawan Kalyan. There have been many instances where Pawan showed his ardent devotion towards his elder brother but this time it seems to be the turn of ‘Annayya’ Chiru. This has to do about a movie which is in the pipeline.

Reports are making rounds that Chiru would be doing the remake of the Malayalam movie ‘Lucifer’ featuring megastar Mohanlal. However, in a recent interview that he was giving, he was reportedly told that Pawan is actually interested in doing this project. It is heard that Chiru replied if Pawan wants to do it, he would happily handover the project to him.

All eyes are now turned towards Pawan to see if he really is interested in this remake or even if he is, will he let his ‘Annayya’ take it forward. Either ways, it clearly goes to show that both Chiru and Pawan share a very strong bond and they would not mind sacrificing anything for each other’s happiness.

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