Secret Behind Ram Charan's Arrow In RRR

By Satya Cine Apr. 11, 2020, 03:16 pm IST
Secret Behind Ram Charan's Arrow In RRR

RRR is one of the eagerly awaited movies across India. Recently, RRR team has kickstarted the  promotions utilizing the lockdown period. They have released Bheem for Rama Raju video on March 27 and it has thrilled the audience. Everybody showered praises on the teaser. Two weeks have gone by and some intelligent netizens are coming up with minute details in the video.

Everyone must have watched Bheem for Rama Raju teaser. There is a scene in the video where Charan releases an arrow. But he cuts a part of a feather which is on the arrow before releasing it. Why did he actually do it? The reason, there is a tree between him and the target. If he releases the arrow, it will go and hit the tree but not the target. So, he cuts a part of the feather on the arrow with his teeth to change the direction of the arrow. The arrow does not travel on the straight path but it takes a slight  turn in the air  and skips the tree before it hits the actual target.

The netizens are literally thrilled with  Rajamouli's brilliant visualisation of the scene with minute detailing.  Some of you have observed this minute detail. This is for those audience who missed it earlier. Have a look at it again to know Rajamouli's cinematic brilliance.

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