Reason Behind Keerthy Suresh's Gossip!

By Satya Cine Apr. 06, 2020, 06:21 pm IST
Reason Behind Keerthy Suresh's Gossip!

Love affair and marriage gossips are very common in the film industry. Even big stars like Prabhas can't escape this kind of rumours.  Recently, Keerthy Suresh also grabbed the film news headlines with her marriage gossips with a businessman. When Keerthy came to know about it, she has rubbished those reports as baseless rumours.

It is really surprising to know how these rumours floated the media? Already, a few enthusiastic netizens have dug little deeper into this issue and they found out the main reason. It is known that there were reports in the media that Keerthy Suresh is considered for Mahesh Babu- Parsuram film. Some websites went on to report this news with a catchy title like "Keerthy is locked with Businessman".

We must understand the creativity of those writers who came up with such interesting title. Their intention is Keerthy is locked with Businessman movie hero Mahesh Babu. 

But there are always people who are more creative than these guys. They just jumped into the conclusions without reading the full article.  They just have glanced the title and misunderstood that she is really getting wedlocked with a businessman. That small point is enough to cook up an intense love story. Well, one website published this misunderstood news first and rest of them followed with great sincerity.

This shows that many people are not reading the full articles but they are jumping to conclusions just by reading the headlines. If this is the situation in lockdown period, what about the no-lockdown time when they are busy with hundreds of other things?

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