RamaPrabha's Candid talk reveals many unknown facts about industry

By Bharath Kvt Jun. 04, 2018, 05:01 pm IST
RamaPrabha's Candid talk reveals many unknown facts about industry

Senior actress, Rama Prabha’s story is a known thing for many of the yesteryear audiences who know that she earned crores and was a star comedian back then when filmmakers used to wait for her dates and then finalise their hero and heroine. The same Rama Prabha lost everything in life. Every month she is getting Rs. 20,000 for her maintenance and it is none other than Puri Jagannadh who is sending her the money. Rama Prabha sees a relationship beyond this life and feels it’s not enough to thank Puri or acknowledge his benevolence as his gesture deserves more than that. She says, “Do we need to say thanks to God?” It was during ‘Aaradugula Bullet’ shooting Puri met her for the last time when she asked, “Do you even remember that I’m there?” The next minute, Puri took her contact number and has been sending money for four years. She didn’t even know who was sending her the money for 3-4 months. Later, she found out that it was Puri. Many try to publicise even the smallest act of kindness but Puri indeed turned out to be a guy who is really good at heart. Rama Prabha was seen in Puri’s ‘Badri’ and also in several other films directed by Puri.

She also has opened up Savithri amma whose hangover from "Mahanati" is not yet over.Answering to a question, she said that Savitri was not betrayed by anyone and the culprit of her plight was herself. She said that Savitri was in the hospital that belongs to Gemini Ganesan's first wife's daughter in last days. She also alleged that she shunned all the friends who loved her. She also said that no one made her addicted to alcohol but she herself has chosen that. Ramaprabha also said that Savitri committed a road accident in rash driving.

On the other hand it shouldn't be forgotten that a few days ago,  Dr Kamala Selvaraj, the daughter of Gemini Ganesan (born to Alimelu)  also lamented for the way the character of her father was portrayed in the film. She too said that her father never introduced alcohol to Savitri. She also pointed that her father loved even her mother equally on par with Savitri in contrast with what was shown in the film "Mahanati". RamaPrabha also vented out many other controversial things about Savitri, which needs to be seen how they're recieved among the family and fans.

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