Pawan Kalyan's Hairstyle In Discussion

By Satya Cine Apr. 07, 2020, 10:12 am IST
Pawan Kalyan's Hairstyle In Discussion

There are many reasons why power star Pawan Kalyan has earned a strong adulation from the youth of both the Telugu states. At one point, a philosophy of his own known as ‘Pawanism’ became a cult among the youngsters. Having said that, Pawan has also created a mania with his extremely stylish looks and he has always taken care of that.

However, it appears his hairstyle in his comeback venture seems to have misfired. We are talking about his new movie ‘Vakeel Saab’, the remake of the Bollywood movie ‘Pink’. It is known that Pawan is donning the role of a lawyer in the movie and few stills which got released raised eyebrows. This has to do with his hairstyle.  

While one group of cine buffs are commenting that Pawan is looking like a Swami ji, his fans are backing him up citing he is developing this special hairdo for his next project with the intellectual filmmaker Krish. Well, history has shown that some of the biggest heroes have scored negative marks with wrong hairstyles. Let us hope this is not going to be the case with Pawan and he breaks that jinx.

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