Monal Gajjar, Sweet And Calculative

By Satya Cine Sep. 12, 2020, 12:20 pm IST
Monal Gajjar, Sweet And Calculative

Though she was named as ‘Crying Beauty’ in the beginning days of Bigg Boss Telugu season 4, she has now turned as ‘sweet, hot and calculative contestant’. She is none other than actress Monal Gajjar.

Monal Gajjar becomes hyper active and she is doing well in the Bigg House. “She has started the real game and she will do more in the coming days” many of her fans and followers are expressing their views via social media.

It is known that Monal Gajjar is one of the strongest contestants and she is the most popular contestant in this season of the Bigg Boss reality show.

Meanwhile, the back-end team of Monal Gajjar is doing very well in social media by promoting her to the next level.

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