Monal Gajjar Changes Gear In BB4

By Satya Cine Sep. 10, 2020, 12:16 pm IST
Monal Gajjar Changes Gear In BB4

Gujarati beauty Monal Gajjar has changed the gear in Bigg House as she ‘closed the gates of eyes’ in yesterday’s episode. Yes, for the first time, she was seen without crying in this season.

It is known that from the first day, Monal Gajjar has been crying for silly reasons and it causes major damage for her in terms of followers. However, with yesterday’s episode, Monal Gajjar has increased her following all because of her changed attitude.

But, she has to show something glamorous in the coming episodes. She is the only hottest contestant in this season, who has much popularity with a movie background. On the other hand, Alekhya harika is looking energetic. Divi Vadthya hasn’t shown anything special as of now.

Karate Kalyani, as usual is doing the same over-action. Gangavva has been maintaining the same tempo in the house.

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