Hot Topic: Marriage Discussion Of Mega Heroes

By Satya Cine May. 23, 2020, 09:25 pm IST
Hot Topic: Marriage Discussion Of Mega Heroes

Many Tollywood heroes are saying goodbye to their single status these days. Nikhil already got married. Nithiin is getting ready for marriage soon. Rana Daggubati recently revealed his love story. Going by these developments many people are commenting that marriage fever has gripped Tollwood now. While speaking about the marriages, Mega brother Nagababu recently commented that he is planning to fix the marriages of Varun and Niharika soon.

Mega nephew Sai Dharam Tej is known as a naughty boy posted a news title clipping of "Nagababu announces Varun Tej and Niharika marriages" and enquired Varun "What's this bava Varun, Are you getting married?" Varun didn't take much time to respond. He replied, "There is still time for my marriage, what about Rana Daggubati, Nithhin? They told us 'Forever with you' but the have simply left the SINGLE GROUP".

Vennela Kishore joined the chat and tweeted "Still has time - is more reliable than forever single, singles rock, happily single, single is the new black, house of singles, game of singles, the big single theory, etc."

While these boys discussing the singles technology, Tollywood celebrity Manchu Lakshmi replied to Vennela Kishore "Are u ok? Lol" confirming whether Vennela is alright with the developments or not!

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