Finally, Divi Gets The “Bigg Space”

By Satya Cine Sep. 11, 2020, 11:28 am IST
Finally, Divi Gets The “Bigg Space”

Hot beauty Divi Vadthya, who has made her hot entry into Bigg House has finally got much ‘screen space’ as she turned as ‘talk of the Bigg Boss’ in yesterday’s episode.

Divi has given a clear picture about all other contestants except Ariana Glory and Syed Sohel because they have joined recently with all other 14 housemates.

While speaking about Lasya Manjunath, Noel Sean, Surya Kiran, Alekhya Harika and others (13 contestants) Divi has given a clear picture. More interesting is, all of them have agreed with the analysis of Divi Vadthya.

This is the first ‘big screen space’ for Divi Vadthya in the Bigg House. So fans of Divi Vadthya are super happy with her presence and analysis. It is known that Divi Vadthya is also in nominations for this week’s elimination process.

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