Donations To Help Poor Producers 

By Satya Cine Apr. 11, 2020, 10:41 am IST
Donations To Help Poor Producers 

There are some misconceptions in the society and the majority of the people believe them.  One of them is that "All the movie producers are wealthy."  Well, this is not true. Only a few producers are really rich.  Many producers are either financially broken or they are just like middle class guys depending on some monthly income. This statement appears to be an exaggeration to many people but the people who knows the functioning of the industry are aware of this bitter truth.

Many people turn producers out of passion towards cinema. They don't become producers because they have crores of money parked in their accounts but they want to produce a film.  They raise money through loans on high interests, they pledge their properties with a belief that their films will become a success at the BO. But we all know the success rate in the film industry. So, 80% of them end up of losers in the risky movie business. There are several poor producers in the industry.  Some producers continue the game until fate defeats them. They stop the game only after they get a knockout punch from the BO.  By the time they realize they have made a mistake, they are out of the game.

The most surprising thing here is that, entire industry runs on producers' money.  If there is no producer, there is no movie.  This gives rise to a conclusion that it is industry's responsibility to help the poor producers in these tough times.  Everybody is showing concern towards daily wage workers.  It is really a great initiative.  But the industry has to look at the plight of the poor producers who can not even come forward to explain their situation. They are as important as the others in the industry. We can say that industry survives because them.  It is the responsibility of the industry to show gratitude towards such producers.

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