Do normal audiences need collections?

By Naresh Kota Jan. 14, 2020, 08:11 pm IST
Do normal audiences need collections?

Movie collections are more like balance sheets to understand the film's performance at the theaters, after release and they are not the only gold standard to decide for the film's success. Maybe today, with so much emphasis on collections, everyone is obsessed with them but you don't buy a film CD or run it on OTT platforms because it collected the "X" amount.

Normal audiences might be interested in a film to see at theaters, after knowing that it is running successfully to house full crowds but they don't really care about who made the highest returns on a balance sheet after a week or so.

Only people who follow trade are more inclined about it. But fans of the actors have started an unhealthy tradition of under-reporting or over-estimating films on social media, which is causing even more ruckus.

At the end of the day, no producer wants to lose money and no hero wants to lose their market. They can't deny a movie's success or failure, no matter what kind of publicity material they use during the initial run at the box office. So, it is better to leave the collections to trade experts and carry on with enjoying family time at the theaters, watching our favorite stars.

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