Director Reveals Why He Didn't Take The Credit

By Satya Cine Jul. 13, 2020, 08:47 pm IST
Director Reveals Why He Didn't Take The Credit

Young director Prashanth Varma made his mark in Tollywood with 'Awe!' and 'Kalki'. In a recent interview, he revealed many interesting things including the title credit of 'That Is Mahalakshmi'. It is known that the posters of the film didn't have the name of the director and it has grabbed the attention of the audience.

Prashanth Varma directed 'That Is Mahalakshmi' which is a remake of 'Queen' but he didn't take the credit. When he was asked about the same, he said "It is true that I worked for 'That Is Mahalakshmi'. I told the producers not to give me director credit for the movie. By the time I took over the film, half the shoot was completed. So, I've decided not to claim the credit. The reason for taking up the half-finished project only for the producers. I didn't want to take the credit".

The movie was initially directed by Neelakantha. After completing half the shoot he dropped out of the project and went on to direct Malayalam remake of 'Queen'. Then the producers roped in Prashanth Varma to complete the film. The movie release got delayed due to unknown reasons. On the other hand, Prashant Varma is presently working on an untitled film with the backdrop of coronavirus.

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