Big B's Latest Film Faces Legal Hurdles

By Satya Cine Aug. 06, 2020, 09:55 pm IST
Big B's Latest Film Faces Legal Hurdles

Amitabh Bachchan's latest film 'Jhund' landed in legal trouble. The movie is directed by 'Sairat' fame Nagraj Manjule and it is ready for release soon. An independent filmmaker Nandi Chinni Kumar from Hyderabad has approached Miyapur Court to stall the release(OTT/Theatrical) of the movie on account of copyright violation.

He alleges that 'Jhund' is based on the story of Vijay Barse and Akhilesh Paul. Vijay Barse a coach and founder of Slum Soccer Foundation to encourage slum children to take up soccer sport. He was also the coach for Akhilesh Pal, a gangster turned soccer player.

Chinni Kumar said he has acquired the exclusive copyright of the story of Akhilesh Paul. T-series producers have brought the story of Vijay Barse. But they do not have the rights to make a film Akhilesh Pal. He also said that Akhilesh Paul is saying him now that he never sold him the rights to make a feature film on his life but he sold only rights for making a documentary.

Chinni Kumar says that director Nagraj Manjule, producers Savitaraj Hiremath and Shiv Chanana (T-Series) told him over phone that they have taken the rights from Akhilesh Paul, but they have not shown any proofs till now. He said that the makers are now saying they didn't buy any rights from Akhilesh Paul and they are making a film from the material that is available in the public domain.

On the other hand, the makers are yet to respond on the copyright violations.

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