Audience Behavior Changed In 3 Months

By Satya Cine Jul. 06, 2020, 03:37 pm IST
Audience Behavior Changed In 3 Months

Ever since the theatrical releases stopped, director OTT releases are on the rise. Mainstream films are going for OTT apart from the regular web series and web firms. OTT release is one option and Ram Gopal Varma popularized the second option ATT release in association with Shreyas Entertainment.

RGV has released 'Climax', 'Naked' films through RGVworld/ShyreasET and created a sensation. Both films turned out to be commercially successful and the entire film industry started enquiring about the ATT(Any Time Theater) concept. In a recent interview, Shreyas Srinivas revealed interesting things about ATT. When he was asked about the ATT, he said that audience behavior already changed in terms of theatrical experience. The change that has to take place in three years happened in just three months due to Covid-19.

Srinivas added that people are habituated to OTTs. So, they wanted to come up with a much more futuristic concept and it is ATT. It works on Pay Per View model and it doesn't need any subscription from the audience. Moreover, it will have freedom for the makers to fix the ticket price. He said that many filmmakers are showing interest to release their films on their ATT.

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