Another Film Targets RGV

By Satya Cine Jul. 27, 2020, 09:50 pm IST
Another Film Targets RGV

Maverick filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma's recent release 'Power Star' has become a hot topic for the last couple of weeks. Mega fans and Pawan Kalyan fans got angered with RGV's film and some of them started giving counters to RGV by making films on him. Nutan Naidu's 'Parannageevi' has already been released as a reaction.

'Roju Gille Vaadu', 'DeRaw Baba', 'Once Upon A Time In Tollywood – Flop Director' are the other films that are under the production stage. Apart from these films, a new film has joined the league that targets RGV. The new movie is titled 'Yevadra Nannu Kottindi'. The makers of this film have recently released the First Look motion teaser.

The first look motion poster shows an injured man resembling RGV lying on the hospital bed. The makers are claiming that the movie story revolves around a filmmaker who gets beaten up by unidentified persons. What happens to him for six months after the attack is the story. The movie is produced by Cinema Lovers Creations.

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